Why Become Your Own Boss (and Why Not)?


The prevailing trend today is that nearly everyone is seeking a get-rich-quick strategy in life as everyone tries to find their own version of the American Dream. One of the most popular interpretations of this dream is that a self-made man is his or her own boss and takes in life at his or her own pace.

Well some of this is true and some not-so-true. There are plenty of self-made people out there who’ve founded their own business and are relatively successful by most measures and are happy with what they’ve made. For every success story though, for every well-off person who’re generally satisfied with what they’ve managed to found, there are five who’ve aimed for the same thing and have fallen short.

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Assessing the Worth

There’s a certain allure of answering to no one else but yourself, to having yourself as the last guy up the chain. We’ve grown in a society that rewards risk taking and savvy deal-making – some even say we’re brainwashed into said society.Not everyone can be a Martha Stewart, an Oprah or a Bill Gates as not everyone can have a near-miraculous combination of outside factors and opportunities coupled with the skill to exploit them. For some, being just ‘enough’ of a success is good enough.

This is where it gets a little bit hairy as being good enough at something is still pretty hard sometimes. It may seem like people who’re their own boss would be free of the deadlines and stress that came with paper-pushing but in reality the self-made man is pretty much still a slave to his own success.

This is not to say business owners are suffering in the same manner as the blue-collar workers that are usually of their employ. It’s that their lives are just as much dictated by market forces and costumer demands as anyone – the mere fact they can probably afford to sleep longer and come in late to the office every now and again matters little in the grand scheme of things.

It’s Still a Great Job

Now don’t let that put you off, there are a great many advantages still to having your own business but they may not be the same as what is regularly thought.One of the best arguments for self-employment is how it builds character as it forces one to develop a keener sense towards the attitudes of others. This is primarily the reason why millionaires tend to be less stuffy than the managers and supervisors that work for them.

Well the above wouldn’t really seem to be that big a deal for some as building a better character is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind when they’re facing economic hardship.Another argument made for founding your own business is that there’s no point in not doing it as the country’s laws and other safeguards have already been setup in favor of the small-time business startup. One can take risks and come out worse for wear but can be confident that he’ll be able to get back up after a while as long as he keeps his wits about him. visit houseofceramicsfrance for more


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